Kettlebell And Suspension FUSION Course

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Learn how to perform and teach an advanced blend of Kettlebell and Suspension Training fusion exercises.

Kettlebells and Suspended Fitness are two of the BEST Functional Training Tools and now we have created the ULTIMATE Training system through combining BOTH.

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Learn how to perform and teach an advanced blend of Kettlebell and Suspension Training fusion exercises.

Kettlebells and Suspended Fitness are two of the BEST Functional Training Tools and now we have created the ULTIMATE Training system through combining BOTH.

If you have already purchased this course your course is available in your account once you are logged in.


Kettlebells and Suspension Training are two of the BEST Functional Training Tools and now we have created the ULTIMATE Training system through combining BOTH.


This course will teach you techniques that will BLOW your competition AWAY. You will learn exercises and movements that are demanding, unique and challenging. These exercises will get your clients SENSATIONAL Results!


This course has been designed by two industry leaders in functional fitness: CrankIt Fitness and AIK. It was created due to a demand from trainers who wanted to bring together the kettlebell and suspension training into powerful, fun and engaging exercise sequences.


Let’s face it, a great trainer will always keep learning and it is this desire that stands them out from the crowd of a busy and competitive market. Functional fitness concepts are in demand and will be for many more years to come. So enter the kettlebell and the suspension training methods, 2 pieces of equipment that have taken the industry by storm.


This courses doe not have any prerequisites, however we strongly recommend you have completed a course in both suspended fitness AND kettlebells prior to completing this course.


Once you have successfully completed the course, a digital certificate of completion will be immediately available within your profile. This may be redeemed for CEC’s with the following organisations:

7 CEC’s


0.7 CEU’s

What am I going to get from this course?

Digital course workbook, and over 28 lectures and 1.5 hours of video content including:


  • Kettlebell Techniques
  • Suspended Fitness Principles and Techniques
  • Fusion Benefits and Techniques


  • Renegade Row
  • Pike Shoulder Press
  • Single leg Deadlift
  • Burpee
  • Rack to Single Arm Row
  • Hip Press
  • Suspended Situp
  • How to Prevent Wrist Pain
  • Hip Raise Lockout
  • Lunge Clean and Press
  • Round The World Lunge
  • Halo Stability Lunge
  • Lunge Weave Through


  • Programming Theory
  • Workouts

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Are there any prerequisites for this course?

There are no pre-requisites for this course, however we strongly recommend you have already completed a course in both Suspended Fitness AND Kettlebells prior to doing this course. This course is a progression of Suspended Fitness and of Kettlebells, and is not designed to teach you the foundational principles or exercise of each method. Check out our ONLINE or FACE TO FACE Suspended Fitness courses for more info.

Can I earn Continuing Education Credit from CrankIt courses?

Yes, this course provides CEC points accredited with Fitness Australia, ACE and NASM.

Can I do this course if I use TRX or other suspension equipment?

Yes, this course teaches you suspension training exercises, theory and techniques that can be used with any suspension training equipment.

How do I start this course once I have booked online?

You will be redirected to the course page after checking out, and you will also be emailed with the courses page details. Whenever you come back to the site, you can find your courses under the “My Profile” menu at the top of each page.

How do I receive my CECs and Certificate?

Once you successfully complete the course, your digital certificate will be available in your profile to download or print. You must navigate to the course page to access your certificate for that course.

How do I know you’re the best provider for this course?

  1. Our education team has a collective 200+ years of experience in the fitness and rehabilitation industries
  2. Together with AIK, we created this blended training method over 18 months of testing and refinement, utilisng our collective experience in both Suspended Fitness and Kettlebell training. You’re learning from two of the best educators in the fitness industry!
  3. Our courses are consistently rated among the best courses attended by fitness professionals
  4. We go beyond the HOW, and explain the WHY behind exercise technique and principles so that you don’t simply learn to copy and paste some exercises, you learn how to create your own exercises and assess and adjust exercises technique to suit client’s of all levels
  5. We teach you using a variety of learning styles, including visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and read/write. This means no matter how you learn best – we have you covered.

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23 reviews for Kettlebell And Suspension FUSION Course

  1. Scott Bonner

    I enjoyed the course and have learnt some great new and challenging exercises for myself and my clients.

  2. Dean

    This a very challenging course with some advanced exercises. I totally recommned taking the level 1 Suspension and Kettlebell courses first to nail those techniques, although there is a recap of both within this course! Loved it!

  3. Renee

    I loved this course!

  4. Barbara Tinker

    Comprehensive and great video demos – I’m hoping we get to refer back to these?

  5. Cheryl Willie


    Great course, expanded my knowledge further on not just Crankit but also Kettlebell training!

  6. Ligia Vanessa

    I would give this a 4 to a 5 if i was really explained at the point of purchase that I should have done the suspensions courses and the kettlebell coursen prior to doing this course rather than just being sold the course at the time. In saying that the course itself was a fantastic course to do, however it may be more beneficial as a face to face course to ensure we are doing everything properly but otherwise easy to grasp the theoretical components. thank you

  7. Janet Hall

    Great detail and explained in a easy to understand way

  8. Janet Hall

    Excellent – really enjoyed the both the KB and Crankit combination

  9. Janet Hall

    Very well explained. Certainly gave regressions and progressions to cater for all clients, but certainly see this being delivered as a one on one, and definitely not in a large group environment

  10. Jenny

    Clear instruction and well explained.

  11. Nathan

    Great Information, A really good insight into two awesome training methods and the benefits of both together

  12. Gemma

    Great exercise ideas, progressions, regressions and workout examples. Very thorough explanations.

  13. Gemma

    Very thorough and some great exercises, explanations and videos

  14. Desiree Woolcock

    Fantastic ! really enjoyed it -Is great to get some in-depth instruction and demonstration on perfect form. They didn’t miss a thing ,I feel I learnt a lot . Thankyou

  15. Jacqueline

    I thought the course was clear, concise, providing progression from basic to advanced. Videos excellent, ensuring proper technique and training cues

  16. Julie Catalano

    Really liked seeing the boys demo the exercises, seeing proper form and having it explained thoroughly. Will definately be on the look out for more online courses, if I’m unable to do another face to face. Cheers

  17. Rosemary

    I really enjoyed this course – albeit short…. I’ve been using suspension and kettle bells for years and have on occasion fused them together in my workouts and programming but this gave me a whole new range of exercises to try with my clients on. Thanks !!

  18. Luke

    Good progressions, able to cater for all ability levels.

  19. Carla Di Fabio

    Loved it! Clear instructions. Easy to learn from. Great information!

  20. Owen Bowling

    Owen Bowling

    Love this course!

  21. Priscilla

    The exercise instructional video’s were great. I really enjoyed it, I found it really interesting.

  22. Mark

    excellent instruction ability and informative progressive dynamics
    great to learn different techniques and structured client ability in a safe way

  23. Francesca

    The fusion course was really accurate and full of details

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